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PAN & Address of ASSAM Chief Minister's Relief Fund -

(Chief Minister's Reilef Fund - ASSAM)
COVID wasn't enough to disrupt life of people in 2020. Now along with fighting Covid, State of ASSAM is facing severe Flood situation.

Donations are being given to various relief funds providing support to ASSAM. Most common of such donation is to Chief Minister's Relief Fund Assam.
Donation to Assam Chief Minister's Relief Fund is eligible for 100% tax exemption u/s 80G.
However it is compulsory to quote PAN & Address along with PIN code of the organisation to which a donation is made to claim the deduction of such donation U/s 80G in the Income Tax Return.
PAN of Chief Minister's Relief Fund Assam is:
A A A T C 4 6 6 7 K
Address of Chief Minister's Relief Fund Assam is:
CM Block
Janata Bhawan,
DISPUR, ASSAM - 781006
Write to CA Arpita for any tax or personal finance related matters at

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