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How to Check the Nomination in your Bank Account?
"Nomination is a safeguard for family in case of unfortunate death of account holder"

Few years back I lost my mother and that was the time when I actually understood the importance of having  proper nominations in all accounts and investments be it  savings account, PPF account or Fixed Deposits or bank lockers or even the Mutual Funds or securities.

Lets do it now & check if all our nominations in order! The nomination can be checked online and modified if required. If you have not yet nominated any one in your accounts, you can do it now  online. Its a facility provided by Banks to all account holders.
  • Banks let you check the nomination & modify it online in all your savings & deposit Accounts.
  • For PPF Account you can only check the nomination online. But you can not modify it online and if there is no nomination in your PPF then the same can not be done online. You need to contact your Bank Branch for nomination in PPF.
  • In case of Joint Accounts too, modification & creating nomination facility is not available online. You need to contact your Bank Branch.
On request of a friend who was struggling to locate online nomintion facility in his bank, I have described here the process to check Nomination details in all your bank accounts ie. Savings Account, Fixed Deposits, PPF & Recurring Deposits-

Here I have explained the process through ICICI Bank

For Nominations in SBI Bank - Click Here
  • log in to your Net Banking - Now look for the Customer Service option at the top
Refer following image to know where can you find Customer Service option:

  • Moving forward you will find the option to view/update Nominations - Refer Following image

  • Now you will be viewing your nomination status page.
  • Here select the account and check/update the nomination.
  • In case there is no nomination you can add it now. Check the next image.

  • In case of no nomination, add nominee option will be there.
  • When you click on the add nominee option it will ask you the details of nominee like Name, DOB, Address, your relationship to nominee & mobile number of nominee.
  • After updating all the required details of nominee, an OTP will be received on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP & submit, your nomination will be updated. You will be seeing a confirmation of nomination being processed on your screen.

My Suggesion
  • Take a print out of the Nomination for records & file it with your important documents.
I have seen cases where accounts were transferred from a city to another and bank had not continued the nomination. The legal heirs had to provide the original nomination documents to prove their being the nominee.
  • Though Nomination can be done in favor of any one but to avoid future litigations its better to nominate somone from you family.
As per law a nominee actually is just a trustee of the money/assets for the legal heirs. In case of any legal dispute the money/assets ultimately will belong to the legal heirs. So if a legal heir himself is the nominee chances of dispute are reduced.
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