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E-verification of IncomeTax Returns- How to do??

With implemenation of E-verification, process of return filing has become completely paperless. From the Assessment Year 2015-16 Income tax department has initiated facility of e-verification of electronically filed returns through one's AADHAR card number or through net banking.

Once your IT return is successfully e-verified there is no need to send ITR V to CPC Bangalore. E-verified returns are getting there refunds as early as within 10 days of e-verification.

E-verification is an easy, fast and eco friendly way to verify your Income Tax Return. From Assessment Year 2019-20 e-verification is made more user friendly. Now you can e-verify without logging on to your e-filing acount. You just need to have your PAN & acknowledgement number.

Lets know the latest process of E-verification step by step:

Step 1:

Go to e-filing portal of Income Tax Department -
  • Home page will appear as displayed image.
  • Click on link e-verify return at the left side 

Step 2:

Following screen will appear. Fill in the details as required.
  • Your PAN
  • Assessment Year - For financial year 2018-19, Assessment year will be 2019-20
  • Acknowledgement Number - It is a 12 digit number given in your ITR V as e-filing Acknowledgement number at the middle of ITR V & at the bottom at verification area. You can locate it easily.
  • Click on submit

Step 3:

Now you will be provided with following options to e-verify your Return:

  • Select appropriate option.
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number with the option you selected. (Option 2 will take you to generate OPT through your Bank)
  • Enter the OTP & your return will be e-verified.
  • Once the confirmation screen appears, now relax, your return is successfully e-verifed-congratulations!!

To understand the process for each option individually refer following links:

Option 1-

I already have an EVC to e-verify my return:
This option is available only when there is no refund and gross total income less deductions is less then Rs. 500000. Eligible assessees can request for EVC to e-verify their returns. One can request for EVC.
Click here for detailed procedure of e-verification thru EVC

Option 2-

I do not have an EVC and would like generate EVC to e-verify my return:
This option actually provides e-verification through net banking. This option requires to log in to e-filing through your internet banking.
Click here for detailed procedure of e-verification thru net banking

Option 3-

I would like to generate AADHAR OTP to e-verify my return:
This option requires linking your AADHAR with your PAN. It will send the OTP to the mobile number which is registered with AADHAR.
Click here for detailed procedure of e-verification thru AADHAR OTP

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