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Outstanding Demand of Income Tax - How to Respond??

We are regularly receiving mails regarding outstanding demand of income tax on e-filing portal. The demand may be correct or incorrect. So you need to check the details and find out the reason of demand. If demand is genuine pay it and if it is incorrect file a response.

How pay Demand of Income Tax?

There are cases where demand for past years for which returns were filed manually appeared on e-filing portal. Remedy in such cases is to meet the jurisdictional Assessing Officer & file a rectification with him. There is also an option of filing response to Outstanding Demand. Lets see how to proceed for it.

E-filing portal of Income Tax Department is regularly updating, introducing changes to make it more user friendly. Recently, Income Tax Department has come up with a very needy update "Respond to Outstanding Demand". Through this option now we can reply to CPC about what steps have we taken to get the outstanding demand rectified.

Log in to

Now on the home page of your account, go to e-file from the top blue navigation bar, as shown in the picture below:

Respond to demand

Here Select option "Response to Outstanding Tax Demand"

  • Now enter the catcha code. 
  • On submitting the captcha code it will take you to the demand section as shown in the image below:

  • Here click on Submit button.
  • Now following screen will appear:
Demand Response3
  • Here choose the appropriate response.
  • After choosing the appropriate response, reason for that must also be selected as shown in the above image.
  • On selecting reason, it may further ask for some details like, Challan details of demand paid or date of filing rectification etc.
  • Fill in the required details and click submit. Your response will be submitted to CPC.
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