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What does "Former or Survivor" means?

We come across the term former or survivor basis while opening bank accounts. I have come across this term many times in Reserve Bank of India(RBI) circulars & notifications.

Non Residen Indians - NRIs are allowed to open NRE Accounts, NRO Accounts and FCNR Accounts with their resident close relatives on Former or Survivor basis.

While opening a joint account too we come across this term- former or survivor.

Former or Survivor basis :

It simply means that in a bank account the first named person will operate the account in all circumstances except in case of his/her death. Only in case of death of the first person the joint holder (on former or survivor basis) would be eligible to operate the account.


Suppose A & B open a joint account on "former or survivor basis" having A as the first holder and B as the second holder. Now only A can operate the account. If A dies only then B can operate the account. Or we can say during the lifetime of A, B can not operate the account.

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